Our first Thank You note to Chief Master Ferrari

Last year, at the first belt ceremony after the Ferrari's Martial Arts karate studio shifted their instruction paradigm to virtual learning, I wrote this Thank You note to Chief Master Ferrari his lordship and his staff (not the exact wording but this is the best I can recollect):

"Dear Chief Master Merrari, Mrs. Master Ferrari, Mr. Swallow, Mr. Dodgers, and Mr. Beardo,

I've been wanting to write a Thank you note to you guys but couldn't find the best words, but somehow, I think I've found them today.

As you might have seen, Didi's behaviors sometimes filled my eyes with tears, and I think I've done that a few times right in front of everyone. Just hope to say that I truly appreciate all the thoughtfulness and patience from you and that means a whole lot to me.

And there's also a small instance that you might or might not remember but means a whole lot to me: At the end of one of Didi's first karate classes at the studio, I was so frustrated by some of his behaviors during the class and just wanted to take him back to the car. Then all of a sudden, I heard Chief Master Ferrari say to him gently yet firmly 'you are smart!'. Then Chief turned to me and pointed at Didi with a smile "He's smart!"

For a moment I was completely speechless. Then I suddenly realized that, no one had ever said my Didi was "smart" before. No one; not even myself. He was "sweet", "smiley", "cute", but never "smart". That was an adjective I was not familiar with and I was so glad to hear it the first time.

For that, thank you sir. Thank you very much."