Mr. Beardo

As a person of good conscience, I hesitated for a long while whether I should make Mr. Beardo's persona a hamster. Then at last week's lesson, after another excruciating round of pushups and jumping jacks, I finally begged "Excuse me sir, if you can kindly give us a 20% discount on pushups next time, your beard will be the most beautiful beard I've ever seen!" Without little sympathy he gloated, "No discount Ms. Jenny; the economy is not good so no discount!" That took care of it. So here you go, sir!  If make me pant and sweat like a sled dog in class, why don't I make you jump up and down like a hamster? Life is fair, right?

Mr. Beardo and Mr. Dodgers represent two distinctly different species of trainers. With Mr. Dodgers, when he decides to be a meanie, at least it's straightforward and as easy to perceive as his shiny head below the studio's bright lights; however, with Mr. Beardo, oh my, he's the kind of person who would show up super nice and friendly "Hi everyone my name is Mr. Beardo, what's your name? ...Let me make sure I get your name right!" and his style of meanness is as subtle and nebulous as the beard curled under his facemask. Well, beware. :)  I have observed for a long time and have reason to believe that Mr. Beardo has a passion for creating innovative ways to make us work out like hamsters on a wheel without noticing exactly how much work that is!